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    String Butler V4 Black
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    Hardware to improve the tuning stability of electric and western guitars

    • Designed for guitars with 3L / 3R headstock mechanics
    • corrects the position of all 6 strings for a straight course through the saddle notches, thus preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck in the saddle
    • makes affected instruments more tuningstable and sustained
    • keeps the tuning of the strings even with very intense guitar playing (also copes with extreme Bendings)
    • fast and easy installation
    • This model is not compatible with SPERZEL tuners!

    The STRING BUTLER V4 allows a tolerance of -2.0mm to 57.0mm minimum distance between the E-strings tuners. The maximum is set to 78.0mm.

    We recommend the following strings

    Elixir 19052
    Elixir 19052 Light
    Electric - Guitar
    Manufacturer: Elixir
    Strength: 010-046

    Available at

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    59 mm to 78 mm
    Measure the center line post separation for your chosen mounting position. If the measurement is greater than 59 mm but less than 78 mm then this model is compatible.